Ulyanovsk State University Russia

Ulyanovsk State University is a government, research university located in Ulyanovsk, Russia. The university was founded in 1995. The city of Ulyanovsk is situated on the Volga river and has a population of about 7 lakh people. Ulyanovsk State University was one of the first among Russian universities to join Bologna process and started to reform its Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s standards of degrees. The university is among the largest in Russia and enrols around 16,000 students across in its six colleges.

The university is a part of Moscow State University and has students from many countries such as India, countries in North America, South America and Europe. Ulyanovsk State University is recognised by the Medical Council of India and also by World Health Organisation (WHO). This means that Indian students will be allowed to sit for FMGE or MCI Screening Test and also for USMLE.

Ulyanovsk State University

About the University

Ulyanovsk State University was initially established as a branch of Moscow State University. In 1995, this branch of Moscow State University in the city of Ulyanovsk was transformed into Ulyanovsk State University. In a short time, the university has shown high educational standards and scientific potential, which has allowed this university to occupy a key position in the educational and scientific space in the region.

The medical faculty of Ulyanovsk State University is composed of about 40  Residential Doctors, 15 scientists, 25 tutors and more than 150 medical staff. The priority of Ulyanovsk State University is international cooperation, the university is successfully operating the Russia-American and Russian-German faculty currently.

17 departments of the Faculty of Medicine trains more than 1,000 students in the field of Medicine and Pediatrics. More than 2,500 students have already graduated from this university. The university meets all the teaching standards of the Russian specialities and uses modern technology teaching and learning methods. Today, Ulyanovsk State University has students from nearly 30 countries.

Ulyanovsk State University

Sports & Fitness Complex

The Sports and Fitness Complex of Ulyanovsk State University provides the following facilities:

  • Sports and fitness centre (a gymnasium, a workout facility, a fitness studio, an auxiliary room);
  • Stadium with an artificial synthetic coating (a football pitch, run tracks 4 × 400 m, circle tracks, and tracks on the straight 6 × 100, two basketball courts, a volleyball court, an outdoor gym, a jumping place, a 1000 seat tribune);
  • Multipurpose sports complex (a gymnasium, a wrestling court, a boxing ring, an artistic gymnastics’ hall, a fitness studio, a therapeutic exercise gym and a number of auxiliary rooms);
  • “Aquaclub” swimming pool.

The Sports and Fitness centre has the following sports departments:

  • Fitness (disciplines: step, aerobics, strength training, pilates, yoga, dancing styles, fitness for children). The classes are given by the following coaches: Natalia Mishina, Liliana Rodriguez , Julia Suzganova, Natalia Slobodyan.
  • Gym.
  • Basketball — Mon, Wed, Fri. 4.30 −7.30. pm.
  • Volleyball — Tues , Thurs, Fri. 4.30 — 7.30 pm.
  • Football — Mon, Fri. 6.00 to 7.00. pm.
  • Table Tennis
    In the winter time, you can hire skis and skates.

Ulyanovsk State University

Hostel & Indian Mess

Separate Indian hostel facility is provided to the students who wish to study in Ulyanovsk State University. The Indian student’s hostel is located nearby the university. Spacious and fully furnished rooms are provided to students on 3 and 4 people sharing basis. The hostel is guarded by security guards and warden. An Indian person will always be available to help students.

Indian mess facility is also available to the students serving both veg. and non-veg. food. Students who don’t want to avail mess facility can cook for themselves in the hostel.

Ulyanovsk State University Fees

Fee Structure


  1. Total Fees in Us $ 3,730
  2. Hostel Charges extra from 2nd year onwards.
  3. Indian mess fees extra.
  4. Admission charges extra.