Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan

Asian Medical Institute 2018

New Campus of ASMI

The Asian Medical Institute is an MCI and WHO recognised medical college located in Kant, Kyrgyzstan, 20 km away from the capital city of Bishkek. The university came into existence in 2004 and currently has students from more than 10 countries in its books including India, Russia, Nepal, Germany, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Nigeria. There are more than 800 students currently enrolled at Asian Medical Institute for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The duration of the medical course in Asian Medical Institute is 5 years.

The college approximately ₹10.40 lakh (US $ 3,200 per year. 5 years course) and the total budget including college fees, admission charges, visa renewal, food, one-time air ticket, hostel (separate hostel for boys and girls) are ₹17 lakh for 5 years. During the end of 2017, the campus, hostel and mess of  Asian Medical Institute were renovated to give the university a modern look and feel.

Asian Medical Institute Facilities for Indian Students

  • English Medium Course at Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan (Duration –  5 years)
  • Students divided into groups of only 12 students each.
  • College Degree valid in European countries without any test.
  • Asian Medical Institute is recognised by MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • Asian Medical Institute is recognised by WHO Directory of Medical School (World Health Organisaton)
  • Asian Medical Institute is recognised by the Ministry of Education,Kyrgyzstan
  • Asian Medical Institute is recognised by FAIMER (IMED)
  • Advance preparation for MCI Screening Test or FMGE for 1st year
  • MCI Screening Test or FMGE coaching is given by Indian professors
  • College degree is Valid in India, Europe, USA and whole world
  • Free Wi-Fi in campus with Hostel accommodation facility
  • Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls
  • Hostel room on 3 student sharing basis
  • Hostel guarded by security guards 24×7
  • College bus facility for transportation from the hostel to affiliated hospitals
  • Indian food cooked by Indian chefs 
  • Indian mess is within the campus- 3 meals a day 
  • More than 8 hospitals for practicals
  • Free laundry service (clothes washed and pressed)
  • Centrally heated hostels and college
  • Europian teaching technique followed by ASMI Faculty
  • Weekly English classes for students weak in English
  • More than 1,000 Indian students studying in Asian Medical Institute.

Why Study at Asian Medical Institute?

In the recent years, medical education in Asian Medical Institute is considered to be one of the best in Kyrgyzstan due to its advanced and sophisticated teaching method and its student-friendly teaching approach. You will be instructed by experienced staff which has earned reputation worldwide as excellent physicians and teachers. In the past, medical institutes of post-Soviet countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia were very popular but now Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan is the leader and the most favoured destination for students from all over the world. With very low tuition fees, modern education and great clinical exposure, Asian Medical Institute is the No.1 option for students and the best alternative to expensive colleges in the west and private medical school in India.

With the very high-standard of education and the very low tuition fees, along with education in English medium, medical schools from countries such as Russia and China do not stand a match to Asian Medical Institute. The admission of International students is administered by the Government of Kyrgz Republic through the Ministry of Education. There are many Indian students already studying in Asian Medical Institute and many batches have already completed their education from the college in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, there is no discrimination on any grounds against students from India.

With truly European class highly professional education and unbelievably low tuition fees, Asian Medical Institute is ranked top among other medical institutes in Kyrgyzstan. If you are looking for cheap and best MBBS in abroad option then go for Asian Medical Institute.

Asian Medical Institute Hostel Facility

There is a separate hostel for Indian students at Asian Medical Institute. The hostel atmosphere is calm, quiet and conducive for studies. The security and comfort of the students is always the prime objective of the college. Hostel is separate for boys and girls.

Below is an interview of Asian Medical Institute’s students taken at Asian Medical Institute’s boy’s hostel by Shobhit Jayaswal of Global Medical Foundation. The students tell about:

1. Why they chose Asian Medial Institute,
2. Medium of instruction and language in Asian Medical Institute,
3. Hostel life,
4. Facilities in the hostel,
5. Indian mess and food, and
6. The behaviour of locals in Kyrgyzstan & security of students.

Asian Medical Institute- Indian Food and Mess

Asian Medical Institute‘s hostel has a canteen where Indian cooks work and are run by Indian representative. In the building of the hostel, there is a canteen where students have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Indian cuisine. The Indian mess serves a variety of dishes such as chapati, rice, dal, sweets, etc. The mess serves both vegetarian and non-veg dishes. Special preparations can be requested by the students to the mess administration to celebrate birthdays, festivals, parties, etc.

Towards the end of 2017, a new mess was made as a part of the renovation process at Asian Medical Institute. The new mess can seat more than 500 students at a time. A photo of the new mess can be seen.

Asian Medical Institute Fee Structure


  • Total Fees in US $ 18,300
  • US $ 1 = ₹64.30 used for above calculations. Please use current exchange rate for calculation of fees in Indian Rupees.
  • Hostel from 2nd year onwards= US $ 425 per year.
  • Food charges will be US $100 per month. (US $100 per month x 5 years= US $ 5,000 approx. which will be approximately ₹3.21 lakh for 5 years.