When you are planning your education pathway it can be very stressful, time-consuming and utterly confusing. You might even ask yourself a few questions while considering your studies, such as; is studying abroad really helpful? Where can I study? What are all the documents required for the admission and visa process? And most importantly, which course will provide most long-term returns and an enjoyable and fulfilling international career? Arsh Medical Foundation guides you and your family in choosing the right course that leads you to the right career path. We provide free counselling, visa assistance, interview preparation, pre-departure counselling & other service.

Admission Guidance

Different colleges may have different sets of admission criteria which actually confuses the student. The Internet can give you too much information which adds more confusion. We help you filter the information, to tailor your personal circumstances to the right university and course options best suited to your profile.We keep up-to-date with the changing norms and criteria of the universities to provide the best chances of getting your application accepted. Our high acceptance rate has made Arsh Medical Foundation, India’s leading education consultant.

Visa assistance

Due to different security threat levels across the globe, most of the countries are changing their Visa regulations constantly. If you are unaware of these provisions then you may receive a visa refusal instantly. Our team of ex-visa officials possess immense experience of working with embassies across the globe and have thorough knowledge of all the updated rules and regulations of every study abroad destination. High visa success rate is also considered as our Unique Selling Point. Our reputation is helping our students with their Visa approval for their dream study destination.


Due to huge fluctuation in the airfare because of the invasive competition between aircraft carriers in the global market these days, flying in a suitable airline is a point not to ignore. Due to high variations in the air fare, choosing the correct airline for travelling saves a lot of your study abroad cost. Even using the convenient and affordable local transport while studying in the host country will lower down your cost of travelling. This adds more savings when investing in education. Travel advisors at Arsh Medical Foundation dispense you with comprehensive travel information to accomplish your study abroad mission.


Choosing a country to study is the initial step to become a global graduate. India’s best education counsellors at Arsh Medical Foundation provide you information on the demography, climate, people, culture, lifestyle and education systems of different nations across the globe. Counsellors take into account your intention to invest on education, scholarship opportunities, Visa availability and other preferences are also considered while selecting study abroad destination. Remember, education is only well-taken when you have a comfortable habitat around. Our counsellors at ARSH MEDICAL FOUNDATION counsel you in person and send you all the relevant information on your e-mail.


Your family is most worried when you are thousands of miles away. Arsh Medical foundation is associated with those  education Universities worldwide which are established in world’s safest countries to study,proclaimed by UNESCO.These are Phillipines, Ukrain, Armenia, Georgia, and many others. Safe environment during study helps you to continue a stress-free education while enjoying the foreign life.