Mrs. Natasha Khassa

Natasha Bansal

Mrs. Natasha Khassa


Mrs. Natasha Khassa, the founder of Arsh Medical Foundation is the foremost MBBS in abroad educational consultant out there. she has in depth knowledge and gives ample time to each student and helps them out. Not only her knowledge, but her patience together with the time she devotes to her students makes her a stand out consultant. she is being advising and consulting students who wish to study MBBS in abroad. If you as a student or parent has to take admission in Abroad please feel free to contact her.

Arsh Medical Foundation style and substances stems from the vast personal experience that my husband and I have brought to the service. The brand is trusted for the quality of advice, breadth of thinking, our values of ethics and integrity and processes that are transparent and streamlined that are all interwoven into every aspect of our counseling.

Mrs. Natasha continuous striving to reach our mission and her faith in integrity, has helped Arsh Medical Foundation to be a leading education consultant. She her self participates in the application process at every stage, with her team of professionally qualified and experienced education counselors and other backend departments, to keep improving the quality of operations and provide the best of the services to our students.